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I'm not the woman you think I am.
A Lover. A Hater. Sarcastic. Ironic.

Maybe it's not even from this universe.

I'm really not here, I'm Chilean and that's it.

Rooney Mara. David Fincher. . Robert Pattinson. Angelina Jolie.

Consider This A Fair Warning

But once you’ve made a song and you put it out there, you don’t own it anymore. The public own it. It’s their song. It might be their song that they wake up to, or their song they have a shower to, or their song that they drive home to or their song they cry to, scream to, have babies to, have weddings to - like, it isn’t your song anymore.

First STILL of Robert in MAPS TO THE STARS!

First STILL of Robert in MAPS TO THE STARS!

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the best of hot occupations, side by side.

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#now youre just not famous at all

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Louis Tomlinson over the years ! [ 1991 - 2013 ] 

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Cronenberg loves Rob ;_____;

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